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Nickel Pet id Tags

Our Nickel pet id Tags are from our traditional range of pet id tags. They are the kind that you would get from most high street cobblers but at a fraction of the cost.
All our pet id tags are deep engraved like no other company on the internet. We constantly measure the quality of other suppliers on the net to ensure that we are giving the best possible service to our customers. After all if it wasn’t for our customers we would not be in business very long.
These pet tags come in 5 different sizes.
20mm small, 22mm small, 25mm medium, 27mm large and 30mm ex-large.

As a guide if this helps.
20mm small dogs, puppies or kittens.
22mm small dogs, puppies and cats.
25mm, medium size puppies, dogs and cats
28mm large puppies, large dogs.
30mm large breed dogs