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Premium Coated Pet id Name Tags

We are pleased to showcase our new range of premium coated pet id Name Tags for Dogs and Cats.
These pet id tags are imported in from one of our suppliers in America.
They are the Genuine harder wearing coloured pet tags. There are similar looking tags on the internet today but you really need to study the suppliers description about them.
I also sell the cheaper version under Std coated pet id tags if you require a less expensive tag.

The difference between the std coated tags and the premium coated tags is that the std coated pet tags have 3 microns of anodized colour applied to them and have a bear aluminium edge.

The Premium coated pet tags have 7 Microns of colour applied to them and are coated all over the tag with no bear edge.
These are the genuine hard wearing premium coated pet id tags and the colour will out last any other coloured aluminium pet tag available on the market today.